September 2019 Developer Horoscope

You don’t need to go to a professional to get your horoscope read! You just need me to use a random tarot card generator and read the results back to you, but in a slightly nerdier way. Here’s this month’s Developer Horoscope!

Sep 15, 2019

8 Types of Commit Messages That Show He's NOT the Man for You

It’s every woman’s worst nightmare.

Sep 03, 2019

Staying Motivated When Working on Projects: A Paradigm Shift

Picking up projects, feverishly working on them, and then entirely forgetting about them weeks later has been an issue for me ever since I started my tech career. I frequently compare myself to the tech version of Sisyphus - just that I get much l...

Jun 08, 2019


5 IDE Themes for that Perfect Fall Look

Fall’s here, and you’re looking damn fine in those leggings and flannel shirts. But don’t you think your IDE theme is a little last season? If your code is looking sadder than your bank account after your 4th pumpkin spice latte of the day, then t...

Sep 22, 2019